10 romantic Do’s & Don’ts

Love may make the world go 'round, but it's romantic love that makes the ride worthwhile. We need love, but we crave romance. It's romantic love that allows you to say emphatically "I'm in love with you," instead of merely, "I love you."

"Love Don’t
Cost a Thing," - Jennifer Lopez
Everyone wants passion and romance in his or her life. But, they failed in few things. This post will describes few of that.

Idea # 1 : Outing
Don’t go to the beach on crowded weekends—
Do go mid-week.

Idea # 2 : Gift
Don’t give him a birthday present—
Do give him seven gifts, one for each day of his birthday week.

Idea # 3 : Express your love
Don’t make love the same way every time—
Do eliminate distractions for two to three hours.

Idea # 4 : Feel your love
Don’t rush through lovemaking—
Do slow down! You’ll both enjoy yourselves, and each other,

Idea # 5 : Special Partner
Don’t try to change your partner—
Do accept him or her for the special, unique person he or she is.
An "infinite" love note:
I love you,
And you love me;
This is as it ought to be.
Ask me why
And I’ll reply—
I love you,
And you love me…
Idea # 6 : Be Kid
Don’t act your age—
Do wacky things; express your quirkiness;
be creative.

Idea # 7 : Celebration
Don’t buy gifts at the last minute.
Do plan ahead. (Less stress for you, more joy for your partner)

Idea # 8 : Time
Don’t leave lovemaking until just before sleeping—
Do schedule more time for foreplay.

Idea # 9 : News with love
Don’t read the newspaper at the breakfast table—
Do talk with one another over breakfast.

Idea # 10 : Specal Flowers
Don’t buy roses for Valentine’s Day—
Do buy flowers that begin with the first letter of her name.

Be romantive hero and enjoy with your love, every day!

Thanks : 1001 ways to be romantic.

Share your thoughts with me and a 'Thank You' would be nice!


Chitra said...

Looks like the "love bug" bit you. ;-)

Kannan said...

What about suresh...? are you happy? I will suggest kolipaiyan to post more romantic topics soon.

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